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Products & Services

§  Expert services in the manufacturing, handling, and applications of peracetic acid.
§  Solution Grade peracetic acid generating equipment.
§  Distilled Grade peracetic acid generating equipment.
§  Process application equipment.

Peracetic Acid Modular On-Site Generating Equipment

§ Solution Grade On-Site Peracetic Acid Generators.
Solution Grade peracetic acid at bulk delivered
  thereby reducing costs by about 50% compared to
       purchasing peracetic acid in drums.

            Solution Grades, 12% & 15% (by weight) Peracetic Acid.
                    These are the same active product formulations offered by most
                     manufacturers packaged in drums.
            Food Grades, 12% & 15% Peracetic Acid.
            Other grades and concentrations available from 3% to Specialty 35%.

Solution Reactor

§  Distilled Grade Peracetic Acid Modular On-Site Equipment 
     Saves about 65% overal

       Distilled Grades, 25% & Specialty 35% Peracetic Acid.
           (Distilled peracetic acid is unique and is not offered by major manufacturers)


Expert Services

§  Peracetic Acid Formulating, Applications, and Services

    Manufacturing of peracetic acid.
    Disinfection formulating and applications.
    Sanitation formulating and applications.
    Chemical formulating & manufacturing (for example, epoxidation).
    Destruction of peracetic residuals before entering wastewater treatment plant.
    Expert training in the handling, use, and safety of peracetic acid (and other peroxides).

Chemical Formulating      Chemical Applications

§  Use & Applications of Peracetic Acid

     ●  Expert services in existing applications.
     ●  Pioneer new applications to customer specifications.
     ●  Research & Development.

Peracetic Acid Prices

            The on-site production of Solution Grade Peracetic Acid costs about 50% less than purchasing similar material from other manufacturers.  The cost savings is from the lower cost of bulk quantities of the precursor chemicals (that is, the hydrogen peroxide and acetic acid) compared to drums and tote-bins only permitted by the Department  Of Transportation. 

            The Distilled Grade Peracetic Acid can save more than 65% on total peracetic acid costs.  Also taking advantage of both the lower bulk delivery of precursor chemicals and the nearly complete conversion of the hydrogen peroxide and acetic acid into the final peracetic acid product. 


► Produce Solution Grade Peracetic Acid at variable production rates and concentrations.
► Produce Distilled Grade at nearly complete conversion of reactants into product
( no inactive reactants remain)
► Patented in USA and many countries throughout the World
► Inherently safe design
► Environmentally friendly "green" process
► Replaces chlorine and chlorination processes
► No THM's (trihalomethanes) and no chlorinated by-products formed


► Disinfection & Sanitizing
● Disinfection of Municipal Wastewater
● Sanitizing Food & Beverage Equipment
● Sanitizing Hospitals & Hospital Equipment

► Microbial Control
● Fumigation of Fruits & Vegetables
● Fumigation of Soils

► Bleaching
● Pulp & Paper
● Textiles
● Industrial Laundering

► Chemical Processing
● Epoxidation and Hydroxylation intermediates (plastics industries) 

►  Desulfurization
● Fuels (gasoline, diesel, kerosene)

► Odor & Toxicity Abatement
Sulfidic Odors (Municipal Wastewater)
● Spent Caustics
▪ Sulfidic
▪ Mercaptanic
▪ Cresylic
▪ Naphthanic

► Industrial Water Treatment
● Cooling Water Systems & Cooling Tower Treatment
● Process Water

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